Recovery Outlook Express – DBX, DBT, MBX files

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Outlook Express to another application, such as Microsoft Office Outlook e-mail client that comes with Microsoft Office for Windows. Outlook Express bundled with Internet Explorer and uses * .dbx files to store e-mails.

Outlook Express stores e-mail messages different formats, depending on the version.

  1. Outlook Express v 4, which shipped in Windows 98, the stored messages * MBX files.
  2. Outlook Express v 5, which shipped Windows 98SE, switched to * .dbx files, a separate file for each mailbox.
  3. Outlook Express v 5:50 shipped Windows 2000
  4. Outlook Express v 5.5 supplied with Windows Me
  5. Outlook Express v 6, which includes Windows XP can also store messages in * .dbx files .

However, these archive files may become corrupted causing the north loss of data, these days, when it became the emails most prominent form of communication into into account that if the e-mail data will not cause serious financial report, loss of time that a person or a company.

many reasons for corruption in DBX Files

    because of corruption

  • Files "Compact All Folders file or Compress" option to use.
  • The most common cause: Antivirus trying to scan all incoming and outgoing emails sometime causes data corruption * .dbx files.
  • There are plenty Outlook Express e-mail Inbox and Sent Folders sometime causes data corruption to the respective .dbx files.
  • accidental deletion of email or permanent deletion of emails from the Deleted Items folder in Outlook Express.

Disk Doctor & # 39; s Disk Doctors Labs, Inc. recover accidentally deleted Email Recovery (DBX) software unleashed by Outlook Express e-mail messages from any of the dbx or mbx archive.

This software also recovers emails from the DBT files

DBT files to create a temporary file dbx files. The if, for any reason, Microsoft Outlook Express crashes, and you can not find the dbx files or recover important to be & # 39; s e-mail from dbx file, and DBT files holding the relevant information can be repaired to recover lost & # 39; and Outlook Express e-mails Disk Doctors | Email Recovery (DBX) software [1945902million]

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